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About  Angela, The Healthy SSIS 

Angela K. Baldwin is the Founder and CEO of The Healthy SSIS Group (THSG), a combinations of three businesses:

  • God's Essence Aromatherapy - a handcrafted aromatherapy business

  • Certified health coaching, and,

  • Sis, Self-Care Isn't Selfish (SSIS) events.

She has put all three businesses under the one heading, The Healthy SSIS Group, to follow her God-given mission, to empower women to holistically take better care of themselves. 

As a woman who had her first child, one month after turning 15, self-care was never something she practiced. When she did, she would get a good massage.

However, when the pandemic hit, she realized what self-care really entailed. She saw women, strong women, struggle with mental, emotional and physical health issues, not to mention the financial toll it took on many. They were not only working regular jobs, they were now becoming teachers, doctors, caretakers and more. Let's not forget about those who were already moms who were essential workers and teachers!

She decided to hold an event that would allow women to come together for fun, fellowship, entertainment, and an opportunity to be educated on self-care. Her goal was to empower women by giving the knowledge and tools to take better care of themselves. That is how the SSIS Expo was established.

Angela is married and a mom to three adult children and Nana to seven grandchildren. She and her husband, Reggie, also own a stage play production company, HOPE Productions. While she holds several titles, her most important one is that she is a child of God.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

Angela, The Healthy SSIS

Angela K. Baldwin
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